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Aventus Group is innovative and successful payday lender holding the leading positions in Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova markets. Our aim is to make a difference in everyday life by offering fast, easy, transparent and customized financial solutions.

our business hubs

Aventus Group is a successful payday lender, holding the leading positions in Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Moldova markets. Our ambitions are based on two IT Hubs in Lituania and Belarus. FINTECH contributions and innovative solutions, as well as profound knowledge of the markets and strong management skills, affected the dynamic development of Aventus group. We believe that our continuous investment in IT solutions and further improvement of risk management efficiency both ensure that we reach our goal - increase of our market share and the proliferation of new products in existing markets, as well as entering new ones.

business stats

Existing Clients:

0,9 mln

New clients per month:

38 000

Loans amount per month:

€ 4,2 mln

Average size of issued loan:

€ 218

Profitable business experience:

9 years



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Total loan portfolio in million Euros

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company - timeline


about & future


In 2017, we had introduced new brands in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova. But this is only the beginning. In the future we are also planning to expand into new markets such as Russia and Denmark. 


Develop a strong sales mindset, invest in the recruitment and competences development of people with the skills set needed to meet our growth plan.


Enhance customers acquisition and their good experience with us to improve loyal clients’ retention and company’s profitability.


In 2018 we opened new IT Hub in Belarus. Continuous investments into IT solutions and infrastructure to support our growth, meet the future customers’ needs and help employees to increase their work efficiency.


Our core value and key to success is our Team. 

We encourage talented and ambitious employees to contact us to discuss career opportunities at our company. Those who accepted will find beneficial opportunities and challenges working as member of motivated team in international markets.

Thus, if you consider Aventus Group to be the best place for your career, please send your CV and motivation letter to:


for investors

Long story short. We are a fast-growing company engaged in providing consumer loans, holding strong positions in Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova. Profitable from its first year of operation in Lithuania (2009), Aventus Group has become an innovative, dynamic and successful lender. Our aim is to increase our market share and introduce new products in existing markets, as well as enter new ones. Having this in mind we are looking for investors. We are willing to engage in various partnership schemes – from selling part of shares, taking a loan under conditions acceptable to a borrower, entering new markets for the investor (using our experience and team of professionals) and other options. Let’s win together!


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